Falkland Islands

In 2014 we got a chance to visit Antarctica. Before we started crossing the Drake Passage we shot across to the Falkland Islands and docked near a small town called Stanley. There we met a guy named Tom who kindly took us around in his Rover and showed us around. We headed out to a penguin colony and Tom told us stories about the war with Argentina. We drove through an active mine field before going completely offroad to find penguins on a sunny beach. It was December so summer was in full swing.


It was really strange to see penguins hanging out on a warm beach and walking around grazing sheep but apparently that was their full time home. The penguin colony is protected by a farming family who lives on a remote corner of the island. 


Luckily we did not have to dodge any mines. Everything was clearly makred and highway was well out of the way of the mines. It was, however, a stark reminder that once the mines are planted it takes them many decades to stop working. The mines are too expensive to remove so the beaches near Stanley will have to sit idle for now. 

Tom told us stories of when the Argentinians invaded the Falklands. He was just a kid back then. Argentina lost a lot of men in the counter assault and as a result the Falklands are still cut off from most trade with the South American continent. That plane bring in all the fresh food because land on the islands is not arable .One supply plane a week brings the little fresh supplies they have there. Internet connection is very limited when working at all. Tom said he loved it there and that he's not leaving anytime soon.