Twitter Trends

Millions of people rely on Twitter trends to get the pulse of what's happening in the world on a daily basis. In 2013 I was tasked with redesigning the search and trends experience to include richer content like events, filters and photos. We wanted to showcase all the rich content that was available for people when they dive into a topic. 

Initial redesign

We were able to add context to trends with keywords and start to build a richer experience in the trending timeline using Who to Follow modules and calling out Top Tweets. 

Making it even better

We iterated on the initial redesign by updaing the look and feel of the timeline with photos and 'more like this' modules as well as a new quality ranking algorithm.

Bringing trends up front

In 2014 we iterated on the design again and surfaced trends as a first order item in the Discover tab. 


Between 2014 and 2015 I was involved with designing experiences for key events on Twitter. When a big sports game happens or a new season of a popular TV show airs there is a ton of conversation on Twitter. Our goal was to make a distinct home for this conversation and organize the streams of Tweets and modules.