Evolving the platform

Lots of work goes into making sure that a communication platform that serves 300 million diverse people is kept up to date with the latest accessibility and feature standards. As a product designer I've grown to appreciate the fact that my role extends beyond shipping features. Contributing to the growth of my team mates is something that I work at on a daily basis because I believe that is how truly successful products stand the test of time. 

Trust & Safety

In 2014 with more and more people signing up to the platform we saw some really negative press around abuse on Twitter. I led the design of several features to make sure people could begin to flag abuse on our platform and we as a company could start to find ways to combat it. I worked on several projects with the Abuse Team at Twitter that shipped between 2013 and 2016.

Reporting a Tweet

Example of a flow for blocking offensive content


Peer feedback

Over the past year I led a project to create a tool for giving and recieving better peer feedback at Twitter. The goal was to facilitate better conversations in 1:1s and help people grow in their careers. With only two engineers and a product manager we were able to ship a complete product in about 10 months. I worked on the design, prototyping and user research for the project. With the help of a research mentor I was able to organize and conduct usability studies and refine any inconsistencies before launch. We saw a 300% growth rate in people leaving feedback and an almost universal adoption of the tool in the first few months of our beta release. 

Prototyping workshops

In the past couple of years I’ve been running prototyping workshops for the design team at Twitter. The goal was to get every designer to show prototypes at critiques and learn to use prototying as a lightweight tool in their process. In addition to the workshops and documentation I am also held office hours to help people overcome any challenges they had with the prototyping tools. I’m happy to say that the work paid off - our designers have been crafting some amazing prototypes at design critiques and every member of the team is well versed in at least one prototyping tool.