In 2011 it was hard to imagine that someone with a 2G connection could stream super high resolution (4K) from their mobile device to a big screen. Worldplay was out to make that possible. The company engineered a video codec that was capable of compressing video better than anything else out there. This compression meant that we could provide high resolution video to anyone in the world. The price of TVs was rapidly decreasing and more and more people were coming online. We wanted to give people a chance to watch their favorite content in high def anywhere in the world. 

Mobile app

The mobile app would allow people to browse, watch and catalog their favorite films or TV shows. I was tasked with designing the core screens of the iPad and iPhone apps like watch screen, showcase, payment and loading screens. 


Set top box for cord cutters

Since the video could be streamed at a very low bandwidth a cord is optional. Most people's mobile phone plans may suffice for streaming high quality HD content to the set top box. 

Web interface

We needed a way to showcase our catalog of content on the web. We ended up building a mobile web version, a Facebook App and a full web version. I was tasked with the web version and Facebook app.